Jewish Cultural Heritage


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fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich


Goal: documentation of the tangible and intangible heritage of Polish Jews in order to describe, study, disseminate and protect that heritage.

Recipients: a wide range of Internet users, history enthusiasts, local activists and descendants of Polish Jews from all over the world, as well as teachers and educators.

We are planning to further collect and share with millions of Internet users and guests to visual documentation and historiographic texts devoted to Jewish communities, to towns—big and small—located within the borders of former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, as well as to record the Jewish life in Poland today. 

Goal: restoring the memory of Poles rescuing Jews during the Holocaust. 

Recipients: youth and all the people interested in the history of Poland and the Holocaust.

The portal will continue to grow, presenting more stories of rescue of Jews based on recorded interviews and archival documents. We are planning to publish short videos and series of podcasts dedicated to selected topics. 

In cooperation with HL-Senteret, we will carry out three research projects focused on today’s role and significance of Jewish communities and institutions in Poland and Norway, with particular emphasis on the role of commemorating the Shoah, as well as the contemporary Jewish identity within a multicultural society.

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