Jewish Cultural Heritage

Programs for selected social groups

Grupa młodych osób ubranych w białe stroje sportowe gromadzi się na środku sali, każdy wznosi rękę jak do zbiórki popularnej zabawy "palec pod budkę".
fot. Bartek Warzecha

Programs for selected social groups.

  • Programs for marginalized groups

Goal: lowering barriers and facilitating access to museum exhibitions and cultural and educational events; preparing a special educational offer.

Recipients: people with disabilities and people at risk of social and economic exclusion - seniors, children and young people from orphanages, community centres, hospital schools, areas at risk of poverty, as well as representatives of national, ethnic and religious minorities.

We are planning ca 640 events, among them: workshops, lectures meetings, guided tours and walks. We will also develop various aids, such as audio descriptions or tactile graphics. 


  • Training programs for experts, leaders and representatives of law enforcement units 

Goal: strengthening competences to combat discrimination through educational tools referring to the history of Jewish heritage. 
Recipients: professionals and community leaders, including people associated with law enforcement units, police force in particular.

We are planning almost 200 events, including specialist training, lectures and workshops. In our educational proposals, we place great emphasis on participation—we use participatory formulas so that participants are fully involved in the learning process. 


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