Jewish Cultural Heritage

Programs for students

Troje dzieci rozwija kopię Tory. Dzieci w letnich ubraniach radośnie się śmieją.
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Goal: disseminating knowledge on the history and culture of Polish Jews, including history of local communities.; shaping attitudes opposing antisemitism, xenophobia and racism.  

Recipients: students of primary schools and high schools all across Poland. 

We are planning to prepare workshops and educational projects and to develop attractive educational tools to facilitate understanding of the content of our exhibitions and to organise workshops and local projects.

We offer several hundred activities for students, among them.: 

  • Online educational workshops run by POLIN Museum devoted to the Jewish history and culture as well as to cultural diversity.
  • Museum in a box – new educational tool – a mini-museum collection ”in a box”, which will be delivered to schools all across  Poland, to give teachers opportunity to teach about elements of the culture and history of Polish Jews in an active and attractive way.
  • Tools for the youth - together with young people, we will produce new educational tools aimed at allowing the group to get acquainted with the Museum exhibitions. 
  • “Let’s combat antisemitism, xenophobia and racism today!” – a project engaging school youth and teachers from Poland and Norway, realised in cooperation with the European Wergeland Center. 
  • Forum Theatre: theatrical activity addressed to young people. During an improvised performance, the youth, together with the audience, will face the problems that beset them. 


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