"To preserve the past and to shape the future" – such is the mission of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

The Education Center has been working towards this goal since 2007, when we held our first exchange program for Polish and Israeli youth. Today we offer a wide array of educational programming for schools, families, students and the general public. Our programming is an opportunity to discover the fascinating history and culture of Polish Jews. It is a history which we hope will become a part of your own – accessible, cherished, and personal. We believe that it is an important history, particularly today as we find ourselves living in a diverse society where we encounter people of different cultures and sensitivities.

We would like the Museum’s educational programming to create a space for reflection upon the legacy of the past and for contemplation of the present and the future; a space for encounters with the other, and for finding the other in ourselves.

We invite you to POLIN Museum!
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