Grzbiety książek ułożonych jedna na drugiej. Leżą na blacie stołu. W głębi regały biblioteczne
fot. Jagna Jaworowska


The Library of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews collects publications on the history, culture, religion, heritage of Jews in the territories of pre-WWII Poland and other countries in the diaspora and Israel, as well as on museology.

The Library of the POLIN Museum collects primarily contemporary publications, both scholarly and popular science journals. We also hold old prints, audio-visual, electronic and multimedia collection.

Currently, the book collection amounts to 15,000 volumes in approximately 30 languages.

Part of the library collection is available at the Resource Centre and at the King Matt’s Family Education Centre structured in thematic fields.

Search of the library holdings available at the Resource Centre and in the library storage is possible through the library catalogue available online.


Ordering library holdings from the storage is made possible at the Resource Centre. 

Opening hours of the Resource Center >>


We encourage you to use the book collection available at the Resource Centre. It totals 2,600 volumes arranged according to the following thematic fields:

  1. Atlases
  2. Bibliographies
  3. Biographies
  4. Encyclopaedias
  5. Genealogy
  6. Regional history
  7. Jewish history
  8. Israel
  9. Judaism
  10. Diaries, accounts
  11. Dictionaries
  12. Linguistic dictionaries
  13. Art
  14. Warsaw
  15. The Holocaust
  16. Sources
  17. Maps and city plans

The book collection of the Family Education Centre contains over 500 books and films, amongst them books by Janusz Korczak, Julian Tuwim, Jan Brzechwa, Stanisław Wygodzki, the Themersons with magnificent illustrations by Franciszka Themerson, as well as beautifully published books by Israeli, Swedish and French female and male writers available in Polish, English and Hebrew. At the King Matt’s one can also watch fantastic films, both Polish and foreign, dedicated to the issues of adventure and friendship. We have divided the collection into the following thematic fields:

  • Fairy tales and stories
  • Jewish holidays
  • Jewish languages
  • Civic education
  • Israel
  • Second World War
  • Janusz Korczak
  • Educational materials
  • Films

Opening hours of the King Matt’s Family Education Centre >>


We invite people interested in making a donation for the Library of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews to visit the Resource Centre, having made prior arrangement with:

Aleksandra Mazurkiewicz-Kopyść
[email protected] 
(+48) 22 471 03 49