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Global Education Outreach Program

The mission of the Global Education Outreach Program (GEOP) is to promote Polish-Jewish studies internationally by supporting research and scholarly exchange on the history and culture of Polish Jews. It aims to bring together scholars in Poland with those in other countries and ensure the development of a new generation for Polish-Jewish studies. Thanks to GEOP, POLIN Museum partners with universities and research institutions in Poland, Europe, North America, Israel, Russia, and Australia.

Global Education Outreach Program leaflet available HERE [PDF] >>


GEOP supports doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships and seminars, visiting lecturers, conferences, and workshops. We welcome applications and proposals from scholars at all stages of their careers and in all relevant academic disciplines, including history, political science, literature, art history, musicology, theater studies, philosophy, religion, sociology, anthropology, and law.

Contact: [email protected]