Archival and Genealogical Research

At POLIN Museum, we carry out searches for historical/archival information using both internal and external sources. Upon prior reservation, we provide access on-site to databases including, among others, unique collections from the Fortunoff Video Archive and the USC Shoah Foundation. We also provide access to a reference library on-site. Our staff conduct extended (paid) genealogical research with an option of consultations held at our premises and online (Zoom, Teams, email).

Research at POLIN Museum – important information

  • Historical consultations: [email protected]
    • Book a visit regarding interviews from the collections: POLIN Museum oral history, Fortunoff Archive and USC Shoah Foundation Institute
    • extended (paid) genealogical consultation.
  • Sharing digital images from the Museum collection and searching POLIN Museum’s digital collections: [email protected]

  • Information on the collections of artefacts and archival materials, studies, Acquisition Commission records, submission of offers for donation and sale: [email protected]

We conduct research on site on:

  • Wednesdays (10AM – 4PM)
  • Thursdays (10AM – 4PM)
  • Fridays (10AM – 4PM).

To schedule an appointment at the Museum and to make a reservation for a computer workstation, please complete the survey →


We work every day to make as much of our digital collection available online as possible. However, some sources can only be viewed on-site at our headquarters. We also provide access to our partners’ collections. By scheduling an appointment in advance, you can visit us and obtain:

  • full access to interviews with witnesses to history from the collections:
    • POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews (over 1,000 interviews with, i.a., Holocaust survivors, Righteous Among the Nations, witnesses and participants of March ’68 events as well as POLIN Museum donors),
    • USC Shoah Foundation (approximately 55,000 recordings),
    • Fortunoff Video Archive (4,400 recordings);
  • full access to paid genealogical databases:
    • MyHeritage,
    • Jewish Genealogy of Krakow & Western Galicia.

Here you can get acquainted with: