TISH Jewish Food Festival: NEIGHBORS

fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

"NEIGHBORS" is the key word of TISH* Jewish Food Festival 4th edition. This year, we will focus on the relations with our neighbours - those who are close by, behind the wall or across the street, and also the more distant ones. This year’s edition will be held both onsite and online, with audiences all across Poland and the globe in mind. 

  • 22-26 September 2021 

We invited both experts in Jewish cuisine and representatives of ethnic and linguistic minorities, and migrants to participate in 2021 TISH Festival. Together, we will discuss the Jewish food in the context of local exchange. The Festival will also provide an opportunity to ponder over how cooking and eating are linked with ecological and social awareness.

The past year, with subsequent waves of the pandemic and restrictions limiting our mobility and possibilities to leave one’s home, to meet the nearest and dearest, to enjoy restaurants and cafes made us realise how vital our immediate surroundings are - our home and our neighbours who are next door and can provide assistance whenever we are in need. During TISH Jewish Food Festival, we will turn to our neighbours - the new ones and those who have been with us for these past years - and will get them acquainted with food. We will reflect on what sort of neighbours we ourselves are. We will discuss the links between neighbouring cuisines, including Polish and Jewish dishes - how they permeate one another, and how they serve as an inspiration.

POLIN Museum organised lots of attractions for the five Festival days: online meetings with representatives of minorities in the neighbourhood, culinary walks across Warsaw, both the old Jewish one and the contemporary one where different languages, diverse flavours and smells continue to intermingle. The Festival participants will have an opportunity to embroider a unique Festival tablecloth, to braid a challah without leaving their home, to learn some Yiddish words, to sit at a table for a Shabbat meal as well as to become a co-author of the exhibition on Jewish cuisine that is currently being produced by POLIN Museum.

We will learn how to cultivate vegetables and flowers in the city, where to meet a farmer or why we should eat seasonal produce. On Saturday evening, we will find out whether the food can indeed exert an impact once the politics is not enough.

We also recommend a visit at the POLIN Museum Warsze Bistro which developed a special sample menu for the duration of TISH Festival.

In light of the alarming situation along the Polish-Belorussian border, we had to cancel the meeting with "Ocalenie Foundation" planned as part of TISH Jewish Food Festival. We wish to inform you that the entire income from the screening of the movie titled "Breaking Bread" (Saturday, 25 September, 8PM) will be transferred to "Ocalenie Foundation" which provides aid to refugees, immigrants and non-native residents. 

TISH* (Yiddish for ‘table’) – in the Jewish tradition, a joyous time spent on dining, drinking, singing and talking while seated together at a table.

As in the previous years, TISH Jewish Food Festival takes place during the joyous holiday of Sukkot. 


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