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How to get to POLIN Museum? >>

Is it possible to park a car near the Museum?? >>

Is there a security control at the entrance? >>

What exhibitions are currently available for viewing at POLIN Museum? >>

Has the Museum introduced any limits to the number of visitors entering the building? >>

Is a ticket to the core and temporary exhibition valid for the whole day? >>

What if there are too many people at the temporary exhibition hall? >>

When is the last admission to the core and temporary exhibition? >>

Where can one check ticket availability? >>

Can one tour the core and temporary exhibition with a guide? >>

Are the headphones used during guided tours disinfected after each use? >>

Is it allowed to take photographs and film during the tour? >>

Is it possible to tour the core and temporary exhibition with audio description? >>

Is POLIN Museum adapted to the needs of the disabled? >>

Does one have to wear masks in the Museum? >>

Is there a disinfectant available in the Museum? >>

Why is POLIN Museum open on Jewish holidays and on Sabbaths? >>

How to purchase tickets or book a place for free events? >>

Do people have to book tickets on Thursdays (free admission)? >>

What is the price of tickets? >>

Who is entitled to reduced price tickets? >>

Can one pay with a credit card at the Museum? >>

Can one use a cloakroom? >>

Is the Museum restaurant open? >>

Is the Museum store open? >>

Is the King Matt’s Family Educational Area open? >>

Is there a dedicated space at the Museum where one can feed a baby? >>

Is there a day when the Museum is closed to visitors? >>

Where can one get program of events for the current month? >>