26.06-31.08.2021 – online i offline

Take a breath at Leśmian’s Meadow! – 5th edition of our summer cultural-educational event is about to begin

Na obrazie widzimy przestrzeń parku znajdującą się obok muzeum POLIN.
Fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich POLIN

We encourage you to take a pause and relax with us at Leśmian’s Meadow—an outdoor installation in front of POLIN Museum. You can also join us online. Our unique program of events will help you catch your breath and engage in close contact with nature. It includes a series of events dedicated to mindfulness, literary events and urban gardening workshops. Leśmian’s Meadow will be launched with a concert by the band Tęskno and a series of Pollywood movies screenings at the Muranów cinema. 

  • 26 June – 31 August
  • Detailed program will be available on POLIN Museum website on 7 June

We want you to welcome Leśmian’s Meadow in your homes, too, like you did last year. That is why this year’s edition will be held both off- and online. By transferring some of our events to the Internet, we make it possible for people from all over Poland to participate in them. 

Leśmian’s Meadow opening will feature an online concert by the band Tęskno. It is a widely awarded, unique project by Joanna Longić, a vocalist, composer and author of lyrics. Dreamy melodies akin to alternative pop will herald the relaxing ambience of the remaining events we have in stock for you. Popular songs from both records by Tęskno will be performed at the concert.

This year, our events will revolve not only around Bolesław Leśmian but a whole array of writers, artists, filmmakers and scholars who are represented in our newly opened Legacy gallery. Julian Tuwim, Shay Agnon or Billy Wilder will be among the protagonists of this year’s edition of Leśmian’s Meadow.

We have planned the events dedicated to literary matters in the online mode. You will have a chance to find out that classical literature continues to nurture the imagination of contemporary writers. Agnieszka Matan (comic and stand-up artist, improviser) and Grzegorz Uzdański (comic artist and improviser, author of the website Nowe wiersze sławnych poetów and novels Wakacje and Zaraz będzie po wszystkim) will prove that classical pieces can be very amusing indeed. Our guides will take you on a tour of Warsaw in the footsteps of Bolesław Leśmian, and a merry locomotive will take our youngest viewers on tour, too—every week, they will have an opportunity to meet a new hero of Julian Tuwim’s poems for children. 

It wouldn’t be a true Leśmian’s Meadow without the screenings of world-class movies. This time, we would like to get you acquainted with prominent film authors of Polish-Jewish origin who played a vital role in building the Hollywood empire. We will organize “Pollywood” screenings especially for our Leśmian’s Meadow’s audience—both at the Warsaw’s favourite Muranów cinema and outdoors at the meadow.  

As each year, you will have a chance to relax during yoga sessions, workout for seniors and gardening workshops. Together with urban gardener, Łukasz Skop, you will learn about plants that feature in Bolesław Leśmian’s poetry. You will also get lots of practical advice on how to plant, look after and use particular species. 

Practicing mindfulness as part of a special series developed in cooperation with the Polish Mindfulness Institute will also help you catch your breath and regain balance in life. There will be short online lectures as well as practicing mindfulness outdoors, at the green meadow by the Museum building. We will also invite you for a meeting with poet Karolina Dzięciołowska who will tell you how mindfulness affects the process of writing poems. 

We will bid farewell to this year’s Leśmian’s Meadow again with Tęskno band. This time, they will perform songs composed to poetry of Zuzanna Ginczanka by artist Joanna Longić.  

Let us meet both on- and offline in order to reset and relax during this lovely summer vacation 

Leśmian’s Meadow

In 2017, to celebrate the 140th birthday of Bolesław Leśmian and 80th anniversary of his passing, we developed a project inspired by the poet’s oeuvre which we named Leśmian’s Meadow. It is an outdoor installation at a green square in front of the POLIN Museum building in Muranów which serves as a meeting place and location of various recreational and cultural events. 

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