For Children

Children’s Day. Journey to the land of emotions

This year, our family picnic on the occasion of the International Children’s Day will be truly special—we will invite you for a unique journey to the land of emotions. We will suggest ten games which boost empathy levels and promote emotional intelligence that is requisite for both children and adults to better understand ourselves and the diverse world that surrounds us. We will create a space where people can be mindful and tender towards one another.

  • 28 May (Sunday), 11 AM – 3 PM – picnic in the park next to POLIN Museum
    • free admission, no need to book free tickets
  • 3 PM – 4 PM – concert in the auditorium
    • free admission, SOLD OUT
  • annoucement in Ukrainian language >>


Outdoor game. Journey to the land of emotions

  • 11 AM – 3 PM (last game starts at 2 PM)
  • meeting point: info point next to the outdoor gym in the park adjacent to POLIN Museum

On the Children’s Day, the meadow in front of POLIN Museum will turn into a stormy ocean of emotions. We will sail across it, visiting 10 islands on our way. On each island, there’ll be a task awaiting us—it will help us continue our journey. First, we gather a crew and stock food supplies, next we acquire skills that will help us sail through the ocean of emotions. We will check what our fuel is and where should we look for the energy to complete our journey. Participants in the game will have to visit all the islands in the archipelago and reach the last stop—a relaxation lagoon where… surprises will await you!

You can join the game any time between 11 AM and 2 PM and fulfil the tasks at your own speed.

During the game, we also provide a space for relaxation with deck chairs and a chance to check out the delicious paid offer provided by our culinary guests.

"King Matt I" concert— a musical tale

  • 28 May (Sunday) 3PM – 4 PM – concert at the auditorium
  • free tickets, SOLD OUT

Will the nation rejoice that the King is just a tad bigger than his crown? For a nice end of an exciting day, we invite you to listen to a musical tale about King Matt the First.

We will see about 120 young performers on stage: musicians from the Orchestra and Choir of the Oskar Kolberg Grade I State Music School in Warsaw. Amongst them, there will be not one but as many as ten Kings Matt! Together, they will tell us a story of a young king who had to find out by himself how hard it is to rule a country.

On POLIN Museum’s commission, Jerzy Rogiewicz composed a piece to the lyrics by Grzegorz Uzdański. The authors were inspired by Janusz Korczak’s novel titled "King Matt I" and by the exhibition "In King Matt’s Poland."

Jerzy Rogiewicz – composer, drummer, improviser, well-known to the lovers of Warsaw’s independent music scene as a member of Marcin Masecki’s trio and big-band, as well as a leader of Jerz Igor band which performs music for children. 

Grzegorz Uzdański – philosophy and ethics teacher, author of the website "New poems by famous poets" and the novel titled "Wakacje" [The Vacation, W.A.B. Publishing House, 2016].
Lilianna Krych will conduct the concert.


On the Internationals Children’s Day, we also encourage you to visit King Matt’s Family Education Area

  • 28 May (Sunday), 11 AM – 6 PM
  • free admission, no need to book free tickets

We invite you to join us for collective artistic activities held at "King Matt’s." Throughout the entire day, you can take part in open workshops run by our educators.

Tour of the POLIN Core Exhibition with an audio guide for families

  • 28 May (Sunday), 11 AM – 5 PM
  • ticket for a child – 1 PLN (audio guide included in the price of the ticket)

You will set off for an amazing journey with Wojciech Malajkat. You will rent a small device at the ticket desk and put the headset on. On the way, there’ll be lots of surprises and tasks waiting for you. You will hear stories from the court’s chambers and from artisan workshops; you will hear conversations held in the streets of old-time towns and villages. You will listen to stories about collective work, friendship, family, Jewish holidays and customs.

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  • Rules of the Children's Day 2023
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