Women from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Women from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
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The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was a courageous last stand against the German occupiers, who were systematically murdering the Jews of Europe. On 19 April 1943, 2,000 Germans entered the Warsaw Ghetto to begin its liquidation.

It was not just men who participated in the resistance work within the ghetto or the uprising itself. Many women from all kinds of backgrounds also played key roles, and some participated in combat.

Below is a collection of stories about women who participated at some level in the Uprising. Some were teenagers, some were mothers. Some acted as messengers or helped smuggle weapons. All demonstrated great strength and courage in the face of unthinkable circumstances.

Read the quick excerpts on each person, and what they experienced in the ghetto and how they participated in the Uprising. Then follow the link to the entire bio.

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