Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Campaign 2024

On April 19, join the 12th edition of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising social-educational campaign and wear a paper daffodil pin to show that we are #RememberingTogether. This year, POLIN Museum volunteers will break the record of two million paper daffodils handed out to people in Warsaw and other locations around the globe.

The 2024 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Campaign is supported by new ambassadors: actresses Agnieszka Grochowska and Martyna Byczkowska, the oldest drag queen in Poland, Lulla La Polaca (Andrzej Szwan), blogger Bogumiła Siedlecka-Goślicka known as 'Anioł Na Resorach' (Angel on Coil Springs), actors Tomasz Włosok and Jacek Braciak, as well as our wonderful volunteers – Kasia, Beata, and Andrzej.

Only a handful of Jews survived the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the Second World War. Among them was Marek Edelman, and it was his gesture of laying a wreath of yellow flowers at the Monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes that inspired us to use daffodils as the symbol of our Campaign.

By wearing a paper daffodil on that day, we show that we remember together about those who fought in the Uprising, but also about ca 50,000 civilians who hid in the ghetto ruins in 1943. This campaign is not about supporting any ideology, state, or nation; it is purely a sign of our memory of those who, in a hopeless situation, struggled for the human dignity.

The 81st anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 2024 revolves around memory. What does remembering mean today and what task is bestowed upon us by the last Holocaust survivors?

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Read an essay "What the Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Means to Me" by Jerzy Warman, son of Warsaw ghetto survivors and board member of American Friends of POLIN Museum.

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