Regulations of the King Matt’s Family Education Area at POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

§ 1. General provisions

  1. These regulations define the rules of admission and stay at the King Matt’s Family Education Area (hereinafter referred to as "MER"), located at the premises of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews (hereinafter: "Museum") with its offices in Warsaw (00- 157), located at ul. Anielewicza 6, entered into the register of cultural institutions kept by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage under the number RIK 89/2014.
  2. MER consists of two rooms, a toilet for children, a café space, as well as office and technical facilities.
  3. The MER is intended for children up to 10 years of age. Children over 10 years of age may enter the MER space with the consent of a MER employee or collaborator.
  4. The users of MER are children along with their adult guardians (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Users").
  5. The museum does not provide childcare services. The responsibility for children lies with their adult guardians.
  6. A maximum of 250 people may be present in the MER at any given time.
  7. Unauthorized individuals and adult persons not supervising children are not permitted to enter the MER.
  8. During their visit to the MER, Users may leave the room and then return.
  9. The following types of activities take place in the MER:
    • Free playtime - weekend animations at designated hours under the supervision of an animator and utilizing educational toys, games, art materials, and a comprehensive library;
    • Family workshops and special events - organized according to the offer posted on the website;
    • Workshops for organized groups including preschools - organized according to the offer posted on the website;
    • Day camps;
    • Birthdays - organized according to the offer posted on the website;
    • Other educational event. 
  10. Detailed information regarding the days and hours of operation of the MER, the Museum, and ticket offices is provided on the website

§ 2. Sales, Ticket Validity, and Refunds

  1. Utilizing MER's offerings is possible:
    • During free playtimes - without the need for prior seat reservations and ticket issuance, entry during the hours indicated on the website;
    • In the case of free events - based on a free ticket available for collection at the Museum ticket office or online at the website; the ticket is valid according to the date and time indicated on it;
    • In the case of paid events - based on a ticket purchased at the Museum ticket office or online at the website; the ticket is valid according to the date and time indicated on it. 
  2. Free entry tickets or admission tickets do not entitle access to the permanent exhibition or temporary exhibitions of the Museum, as well as other ticketed program events.
  3. The current ticket price list is available on the Museum's website and at ticket offices.
  4. Ticket purchase and seat reservations for events are possible subject to availability.
  5. The ticket office accepts payment in Polish currency, PLN (Polish Zloty), and accepts payment cards - information on accepted types of cards is available at ticket sales counters.
  6. Purchased and unused tickets can be refunded no later than 3 days before the visit date (excluding the visit date).
  7. In the event of ticket payment and failure to return them within 3 days before the event date, tickets are non-refundable and considered sold.
  8. All matters related to ticket purchase, issuance of free entry tickets, and refunds are detailed in the Ticket Sales and Museum Visit Regulations of Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN, available on the website and
  9. Registrations for workshops for organized groups and selected events are made via email - in accordance with the information available in the event offer.

§ 3. Rules for Being in the MER

  1. Within the MER premises, Users are required to change or remove their footwear or move around in socks. Lockers for storing footwear are available at the entrance to MER.
  2. Outerwear, large luggage, and baby strollers must be left in the Museum cloakroom, although baby strollers can be secured at the entrance to MER.
  3. The Museum is not responsible for unattended belongings.
  4. A complete ban applies within MER on: 
    • Consumption of alcohol and other intoxicating substances;
    • Smoking tobacco products and their derivatives, including electronic cigarettes.
  5. Consumption of meals and beverages is only permitted in the designated cafe area. Due to children's safety, consuming hot meals requires the consent of a MER employee.
  6. MER operates under established behavior rules, which are documented and made available to all Users.
  7. Any forms of harm, such as shouting, physical violence, or humiliation, are prohibited.
  8. Ensuring proper behavior of children rests with the children's guardians.
  9. Children must not be left unsupervised by their guardians.
  10. A MER employee or collaborator is responsible for the proper conduct of activities and events.
  11. During playtime, Users must adhere to the instructions and recommendations of MER employees or collaborators.
  12. A MER employee or collaborator may demand that Users leave MER, especially individuals who violate the regulations or generally accepted norms of behavior, pose a threat to other Users, or risk damaging the facilities within MER. In case of expulsion due to violations of these rules, ticket costs will not be refunded.
  13. The Museum reserves the right to refuse admission or expel organized groups or individuals who do not comply with the regulations or pose a threat to other guests. In such cases, no ticket refunds will be granted.
  14. Equipment should be used in accordance with its intended purpose.
  15. Users are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and order during their stay in MER.
  16. Users are liable for any damage caused, including damage to facilities and permanent fixtures within MER, based on general principles outlined in applicable laws, particularly in civil law.
  17. The child's guardian acknowledges that using MER as intended involves physical activity for the child, which entails the risk of minor injuries such as bruises, scratches, and other injuries resulting from falls. Despite the Museum's efforts to provide a safe space for children, these injuries may occur. The guardian is responsible for assessing the risk during the child's playtime, considering their age, health status, and level of development. By consenting to the child's physical activity, the guardian must exercise caution and heightened attention.
  18. Users are obliged to report any malfunctions, damages, and destruction of MER equipment, as well as accidents, incidents, or behaviors of third parties that pose a threat within MER, to MER staff.

§ 4. Birthday Party Reservation

  1. The current birthday party offer along with the price list is available on the website
  2. A preliminary reservation must be made through the electronic registration form available on the website
  3. The final reservation of the date will occur after making the payment through the electronic payment system, to which a link will be sent by the Museum after making the reservation.
  4. Individuals who successfully reserve and pay for the birthday party date will receive a confirmation email of the reservation along with all necessary organizational information.
  5. Cancellation of the reserved birthday party date can be made up to 7 days before the birthday date (excluding the birthday date), in which case the payment made will be refunded. After the specified deadline, the payment is non-refundable.
  6. A paid birthday party date cannot be exchanged for another date. In such a situation, you must cancel the reserved date (the Museum will refund the paid fee if the cancellation is reported within the deadline specified in the Regulations), and then make a new reservation and payment.
  7. The need for a VAT invoice should be reported at the time of making the reservation. If the need for a VAT invoice is reported at a later date, the Museum will issue a VAT invoice only in cases compliant with applicable legal regulations. 

§ 5. Image

The Museum reserves the right to record (record, photograph, film, or otherwise capture) certain events organized in MER using devices for recording sound or image, of which Users will be notified in advance.

§ 6. Final Provisions

  1. By purchasing or obtaining a free ticket to MER or by participating in free activities within the space, the guardian, on behalf of themselves and their ward(s), accepts this Regulation and undertakes to comply with it.
  2. The guardian responsible for organizing birthdays undertakes to familiarize all participants of the birthday party with this Regulation.
  3. Participants of the birthday party are obliged to comply with the Regulation.
  4. The Regulation is available on the Museum's website and in MER.
  5. Comments, complaints, and suggestions regarding the activities of MER, its program offer, and service can be reported, in particular, at the ticket offices, or by email to [email protected].
  6. In the event that a separate regulation exists for a specific event or group of events, its provisions take precedence over the provisions of this Regulation.