Advertising hanger from the shop at Nalewki Street – LOVED

A hanger from the shop of Berek and Hana Szwec from Nalewki Street in Warsaw which says: "Fur Warehouse and Manufactory of Fur Clothing, phone number 11-79-77 | Warsaw, B. Szwec, 13 Nalewki Street, 2nd floor." On both sides there is a sign of the guild of Jewish fur producers.

The Szwec fur factory also served as a fur storage facility. Today, Andersa Street runs in place of the tenement house where their workshop was located on the second floor. The address and telephone number of the Szwecs' company can be found in the list of subscribers of the Warsaw telephone network from the years 1930/1931–1939/1940.

A pre-war Nalewki Street was the heart of the Jewish part of the city, one of the most important shopping streets in Warsaw, and a busy communication route with craft workshops, department stores, service points and bookstores.

The object was embraced by Katarzyna Anyszkiewicz-Kucharczyk.

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