Finalist for 2022 POLIN Award: Katarzyna Łaziuk

Katarzyna Łaziuk na tle kłosów zboża i macew.
fot. M. Starowieyska / Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Katarzyna Łaziuk is active in the field of preservation of the memory of Mińsk Mazowiecki’s multicultural past. Her social activities include educating youth, adults and teachers, animating local life and preserving material Jewish heritage. She establishes contact with the descendants of Mińsk Jews and welcomes them in the local community. She has formed a group of people with whom she works for the remembrance of local history.

 Her activities include organising days of remembrance, educational trips, and visits of Israeli youth at the school where she has worked until recently. Katarzyna herself takes part in—and also inspires others to join in—nationwide social campaigns such as POLIN Museum’s Daffodils campaign. She is engaged in the development of international projects.

Katarzyna Łaziuk also organises seminars for teachers. She is the author of an educational programme based on anti-discrimination ideas, lesson plans and educational materials. Since 2015, she has been organising Days of Jewish Culture in Mińsk Mazowiecki and commemorating anniversaries of the liquidation of the Mińsk Ghetto, which include ceremonies held at the Jewish cemetery, concerts, historical walks, theatre performances and meetings with descendants.

For the 80th anniversary of the liquidation of the ghetto, she organised a two-day commemoration with the participation of descendants of Mińsk Jews from several European countries. She always stresses that all activities undertaken with the aim of remembering Mińsk Jews are realised thanks to the cooperation and involvement of numerous local social activists.