A glass forest is looming…

The Forest gallery is taking shape; it will mark the beginning of visitors’ journey through the Core Exhibition. At the end of May enormous glass panels arrived at the Museum; legends of the first Jews coming to Poland and settling here will be screened on them, including the beautiful Po-lin legend, to which Poland owes its Hebrew name.

Transporting glass panels to the underground level where the exhibition is being installed was a real challenge! The largest panel weighs approximately 1200 kg and measures over 8 square metres! They were lowered with help of a special crane (one of the eight cranes of that kind available in Poland). The next step was fixing the glass panels into solid steel holders embedded into the floor. Installation of the Forest gallery will continue until the middle of June. 

The design and execution of the core exhibition is financed and overseen by the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, thanks to the support of donors from all over the world.