Meeting of the Development Committee with the creators of the After the War gallery

At the invitation of Marcin Święcicki, president of the Polish Museum Development Committee, its members met with the creators of one of the galleries making up the Museum’s Main Exhibition, the After the War gallery.

Present at the meeting were Izabela Cywińska, Prof. Marian Turski, Prof. Rotfeld and Prof. Hartman.

Following an introduction by Prof. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (the exhibition program director), the exhibition creators (Franciszek Zakrzewski and Artur Tanikowski), presented the project as well as visualizations of the future exposition.

The gallery’s academic consultants – Prof. Stanisław Krajewski and Dr. Helena Datner – presented the assumptions which guided the development of the storyline and the selection of materials.

The presentation was followed by a two-hour discussion.

The participants of the meeting also had the opportunity to meet the Museum’s new directors – Andrzej Cudak, who has been acting director of the Museum since August 9th, and his deputy Zbigniew Stępiński. Taking part in the discussion were also deputy director Dorota Keller-Zalewska as well as leaders involved in preparing the Museum program as well as its current activities – Łucja Koch and Albert Stankowski.