Here Is Muranów: stories

Kobieta w maseczce na ustach pochyla się nad podłużną gablotą, oświetloną niebieskim światłem. Wkłada przedmiot do środka.
fot. M. Jaźwiecki / Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

From the sense of awe inspired by the objects found in the process of building POLIN Museum, to "Here Is Muranów" exhibition. We present you the making of our latest temporary exhibition devoted to the multi-layered history of the Warsaw district. The authors, artists and Museum staff share their personal stories related to the exhibition.

  • Here Is Muranów: stories. Kamila Radecka-Mikulicz
    Exhibition curator Kamila Radecka-Mikulicz talks about many points of view on Muranów represented by the exhibition authors, the need to refer to the context of POLIN Museum location, and the universal story of looking into the entrails of one’s own city. 

  • Here Is Muranów: stories. Beata Chomątowska
    Working on the POLIN Museum temporary exhibition as an epilogue of sorts to the story that began over ten years ago. What is the story? Does it really end? How does it transpire in the exhibition? Beata Chomątowska, exhibition co-author, will tackle these and more questions. 

  • Here Is Muranów: stories. Prof. Jacek Leociak
    Who would be better to tell us what the Here Is Muranów exhibition is really about than the author of the exhibition concept? Listen to Professor Jacek Leociak, the prime mover behind the exhibition and its co-author. 

  • Here Is Muranów: stories. Jadwiga Sawicka
    We had a chance to take a peek at Jadwiga Sawicka’s work on the spatial collage-mural dedicated to the multi-layered, personal history of Muranów. You can follow the process of creating an installation and listen to the artist herself reflecting on her work.

  • Here Is Muranów: stories. Joanna Fikus
    Listen to how the works on the exhibition proceeded and how they were affected by the pandemic. What problems is one likely to face when working remotely on an exposition? Joanna Fikus, head of the POLIN Exhibitions Department, will share her experiences with us. 

  • Here Is Muranów: stories. Katarzyna Reszka
    Katarzyna Reszka from the POLIN Collections Department talks about archaeological finds you are about to see on display at the Here Is Muranów exhibition. These are all relics of the one-time life in Muranów: a watch, a teaspoon, pots and pans, ceramic objects. All these items were excavated during the digs carried out in 1998 and 2009, before the construction of POLIN Museum building began.