The Warner Brothers on the Meadow. Warner Bros Studio cult movies from the 1980s and 1990s

This year, Warner Bros Studio celebrates its centenary. On this occasion, on August Wednesday evenings, we are going to take you on a sentimental journey to the world of great cinema. We will screen films from different genres which made us laugh and cry in the previous decades.

  • 30.08, 9PM-11PM
  • NOTE: Today's show will be held in the main hall
  • Free admission

Not everybody knows that Warner Brothers were Polish Jews from Krasnosielsk, a small town in northern Mazovia. They left Poland in search of a better life. Aaron, Shmul and Hirsh Wonsal changed their first names into Albert, Sam and Harry, and their surname to Warner. Together with their younger brother Jack, born already in Canada, they created a movie empire which have offered us wonderful high-budget productions for a century.

In light of this, and to remember the brothers who made their dreams come true, we would like to show you five films produced by the studio the brothers had founded. These are films that today’s 30-, 40- and 50-year-olds enjoyed immensely in their childhood and youth. It is thanks to those films that life towards the end of the communist era and in the transition period was a tad more bearable. For younger viewers, on the other hand, it will be an opportunity to discover true cinema classics.


  • 30 August: "The Matrix," dir. the Wachowski Brothers, 1999

    The series of films produced by the Warner Bros. Studio concludes with a movie that is a milestone in the world of cinema, in philosophy and in thinking about the role of computer technology in our lives. "The Matrix" is not only the title of the film, it is also an extremely capacious concept, mainly due to the fact that the filmmakers openly referred to philosophical texts and to spiritual and religious traditions. As a result, "The Matrix" is a timeless movie that offers us something new with each viewing and opens up to non-obvious interpretations.

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