13.10.2022 - online

TISH Festival: Online tour in Italian of the temporary exhibition, "What's Cooking? Jewish Culinary Culture"

Alessia Di Donato, fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Treat yourself to a small appetizer prepared for you by chef and master of pastry and baked goods, Alessia Di Donato – this "antipasto" will whet your appetite for Jewish cuisine!

The exhibition "What’s Cooking" tells the story of the various facets of Jewish culinary culture, including that of Italy, and the relationship between Jewish and Italian cuisine. What is kosher, what can and what cannot be eaten? What blessings from Livorno are presented here? Does modern Italian cuisine include dishes from Jewish cuisine? Who has had the greatest influence on the development and history of this cuisine?

Alessia Di Donato – Roman by birth, pastry chef; teaches culinary techniques, writes about food; lover of art, travel and the good life. Graduate of prestigious culinary schools: Le Cordon Bleau, Accademia Italiana Del Pane and Paidei, a professional school of pastry chef in Milan, where she earned her diploma under Massimo Pica. A popularizer of Jewish cuisine, she has worked for years with the POLIN Museum, conducting workshops and culinary courses.