TISH Festival: Nomads Kitchen & FOODISH – meeting and cooking show

This year's edition of the TISH Jewish Food Festival has special guests from Israel: the Nomads Kitchen collective and the CEO of FOODISH, the culinary department of ANU – Museum of the Jewish people.

  • 30 September (Saturday), 7 PM-9 PM, SOLD OUT
  • Fania's Culinary Lab
  • Tickets: 80 PLN
  • Event held in English

The meeting will focus on stories about local grown and produce and talk about sustainability and climate responsibility in Israel. We will also learn what the Nomads Kitchen is –  project created during the pandemic, collective travelling around the country and cooking  with the product of local farmers and producers. The meeting will be combined with a cooking demostration and tasting of dishes prepared by Nomads Kitchen. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about the culinary culture of modern Israel and to taste wonderful dishes prepared using seasonal produce and specialities brought straight from the country.

ANU – Museum of the Jewish People, formerly Beit Hatfutsot, is a center for Jewish community. As the largest museum of its kind in the world, ANU tells a new narrative of the age-old story of the Jewish people using variety of methods and cutting-edge technology. Through the exhibitions and programs, the museum offers a space for Jewish community  to explore common past to help create a better future. ANU’s off-site programs reach across the world and throughout Israel to connect Jewish communities and to celebrate our unity as well as our ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity.

FOODISH is the culinary department of the ANU Museum. Jewish cuisine, like the Jewish community, is a beautiful and colourful mosaic made up of hundreds of different flavours and techniques. Through stories of food and culinary customs, Foodish undertakes to preserve and commemorate the history of the Jewish people's culinary heritage and to create an interactive and attractive way for young and old to develop their identity. The Foodish website features an innovative digital platform for uploading users' stories and recipes so that anyone, anywhere in the world, could share and contribute.

Merav Oren ([email protected]) – a passionate multidisciplinary entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the innovation, FoodTech & Culinary ecosystem, Merav is the CEO of Foodish – The culinary Department of ANU – Museum of the Jewish people, Former Co-Founder of ACT Foodtech, OpenRestaurants® – urban culinary festival, WMN – ecosystem for women led startups, runs the urban farm of Tel-Aviv, and Founder of UrbanPlayground. Works with cities, commercial entities and nonprofit organizations, providing services and solutions designated to create and sustain stronger communities.

The Nomads Kitchen – The Nomads Kitchen is a collective of culinary experts in various fields of local Israeli food who gathered  during the Covid pandemic to celebrate the grown and produce of Israel's land that continued to grow when the whole world was put on hold. Over time, our collective has grown to give priority to farmers, their produce and Israeli food.

Dafi Kremer ([email protected]) – a culinary woman and entrepreneur. ‏Research the cuisines of Eastern European Judaism, the partisan cuisine, and the emerging Israeli cuisine. The owner & chef of "Dafka Taim" catering. The Jewish half in "Sir La-Salam". ‏Married and mother of three children.

Hananel Edri ([email protected]) – an artist, a passionate foodie, chef, singer and host. Performs on stages throughout the world and along the way he cooks, tastes and explores food. Hananal participated in the ninth season of "Master Chef", he is the co-founder of the Nomad’s kitchen, the creator and host of the musical-culinary web-series "Cooking with Hananel". He’s a loving husband and father, with Moroccan-Jewish culinary roots.

Guy Bajour ([email protected]) – a 43-year-old culinary enthusiast who wears many hats. Once a civil engineer project manager, he decided to follow his passion for food nine years ago and transitioned into a career as a cook and now a private chef and culinary tour guide. Married and proud father of two, Guy's love for cooking is only matched by his dedication to his family.
Loves exploring flavours, playing with many styles of cooking and challenging his customers out of their comfort zone. A proud member of the Nomad Kitchen for almost 3 years.

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