TISH Festival: About eating – Tel Aviv and Istanbul city markets. Immersive culinary experience

Istanbul and Tel Aviv are two extremely dynamic realities that have been permanently reconstructed by the ongoing influx of newcomers such as migrants, refugees, or visitors. The people leave significant marks in oral and written history, collective memory, landscape, and cuisine. Those touches are written down on the tissue of the city and define the place’s identity. Marketplaces are the best spots to understand and recognize it.

  • 15 October (Saturday), 7.00 PM-9.00 PM – meeting in English
  • Tickets: 80 PLN, SOLD OUT
  • Venue: Fania’s Culinary Lab, POLIN Museum
  • Hosts: Kornelia Binicewicz and Italo Rondinella – the authors of "Pazar // Shuk"

Come explore the centers of these two worlds: a pazar of Istanbul and a shuk of Tel Aviv during this event. You’ll enjoy a rich tasting experience featuring the many typical bazaar dishes from these cities. The event includes cooking workshops, storytelling about the markets and their characters – merchants, customers, and chefs. Plus you’ll get to enjoy the foods that are prepared. Food can tell the most genuine history of a place and its people. Let us take you there. See the menu below.


  • Eggs: Menemen & Shakshuka
  • Bread: Gözleme & Lahooh
  • Fish: Herring sandwich
  • Grains: Bulgur salad with pomegranate & Freekeh risotto
  • Milk: Ayran


  • Israeli and Turkish wine
  • Turkish and Israeli tea

Kornelia Binicewicz – a Polish origin, Istanbul-based anthropologist of culture, curator of music and food projects, program manager of music and culture festivals in Poland, Turkey,
and Israel, founder of "Ladies on Records" curatorial enterprise and "Eat Music with Culture" project.
Italo Rondinella
 – an Italian documentary photographer and filmmaker currently based in Istanbul. His focuses mainly on social themes related to the conflicts and challenges of contemporary global society. He collaborated with several international institutions, like the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Venice Biennale Foundation. He is a regular contributor of RSI (Swiss public broadcasting in Italian language).