Cooking workshop fundraiser | Featuring Sabina Francuz

POLIN Museum will showcase Sabina Francuz in our Fania’s Culinary Lab for a free online cooking workshop. She will demonstrate how to prepare one of Fania Lewando’s recipes, and share about this pioneer of vegetarian Jewish cuisine.

  • 27 October, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. CET to 12:00 p.m. CET.
  • Last’s approx. an hour.
  • Streamed live in English from Fania’s Culinary Lab at POLIN Museum on FOODISH’s website.
  • Q&A after the session.
  • Event is free. No registration required.
  • Moderated by Merav Oren of FOODISH.

Sabina’s cooking workshop

Learn how to prepare Fania Lewando’s berry filled sweet kreplach with sour cream and sugar. You can cook along with Sabina from the comfort of your own kitchen, because the recipe is available on the ANU – Museum of the Jewish People website. This particular workshop is apart of a special series created by ANU – Museum of the Jewish People to raise funds for civilians who were recently affected by situation in Israel. ANU has assembled the leading chefs, speakers and researchers of Jewish cuisine from around the globe for this special series titled, "We are Together." The program boasts of free online talks, cooking demos and workshops. Details about this series can be found on the ANU Museum website.

How to give?

All funds collected during this program will be designated entirely for hot food and kitchen equipment for the residents who were evacuated from their homes due to the threat of war.

If you would like to donate towards the cause, Click & Pledge Connect website →

About the "We Are Together" program

The program was conceived, created, and is implemented by FOODISH, the culinary department of ANU – Museum of the Jewish People, as part of ANU together a broad scope online content-rich project of the museum, offered, free of charge; since the first week of the war via zoom sessions, lectures, and meetings for the general public.

The food cooking demos and talks project, which can be viewed directly on the ANU website, will also be a free service for the general public.

Further information, including the list of updated workshops, dates and times, can be found on ANU’s website and on website.

Sabina Francuz – a Polish cookbook author, and food blogger. She runs workshops and culinary events. She is popularizing the achievements of the pre-war Vilnius restaurateur Fania Lewando. Together with a group of Mecyje freelance cooks, she translated and published a book containing contemporary photographs, and original recipes by Fania. She has cooperated with POLIN Museum for the past 6 years, running workshops, walks and dinners. She participated in the creation of a virtual cookbook as part of the 2022 temporary exhibition, "What's Cooking?" In addition to Ashkenazi cuisine, she is interested in the history of Greek cuisine, functional nutrition and psychodietetics.

Merav Oren ([email protected]) – a passionate multidisciplinary entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the innovation, FoodTech & Culinary ecosystem. Merav is the CEO of FOODISH – The culinary Department of ANU – Museum of the Jewish People, Former Co-Founder of ACT Foodtech, OpenRestaurants® – urban culinary festival, WMN – ecosystem for women led startups, runs the urban farm of Tel-Aviv, and Founder of UrbanPlayground. Works with cities, commercial entities and nonprofit organizations, providing services and solutions designated to create and sustain stronger communities.


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