Here is Muranów – podcast in English

Zdjęcie ilustracyjne - wizerunek dziewczyny, widzanej z tyłu. Ma na głowie czapeczkę z napisem Muranów. Patrzy w kierunku miasta, przedstawionego przez czarno-białą fotografię. Jest to archiwalne zdjęcie Muranowa.
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

What can you remember of a house that doesn't exist after 80 years? Sometimes I have the impression that it's everything – says Krystyna Budnicka, who lives in Warsaw, one and a half kilometers south of her pre-war address.

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Though the critically acclaimed exhibit "Here is Muranów" has come to an end, you now have a chance to walk the streets of Muranów and get to know it’s people in an even more intimate way - with our new podcast. John Beuchamp of Free Range Productions speaks with those, who, like Budnicka, lived here before the war and remember well the reality of the Warsaw ghetto - as well as those, who moved in here and grew up in the place build on the ruins of the prewar Jewish district.

The project "Preparation of educational elements for a temporary exhibition at the POLIN Museum, dedicated to the Muranów district in Warsaw and its residents" is implemented in cooperation with Verein zur Förderung des Museums für Jüdische Geschichte in Polen e.V. with financial support from the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation.