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81st anniversary of the outbreak of World War II

Kłęby dymu nad Warszawą w 1939 r. Na niebie leci samolot. Obserwuje to grupa kilku osób w mundurach i cywilów.
fot. Wikipedia/Wojskowa Agencja Fotograficzna

"So war it is. As of this day all affairs and concerns fade into the background. All of our public and private life is moved onto a special track. We have entered a period of war. All the effort of the nation must now turn in a single direction. We are all soldiers" – Józef Małgorzewski, special address, broadcast on Polish Radio, 1 September 1939.

This year marks the 81st anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. The Third Reich attacked Poland without a declaration of war. In spite of rising antisemitism during the late 1930s, Poles and Jews defended Poland, shoulder to shoulder.

The September campaign ended in defeat, and the loss of Poland’s independence.