22-30.06.2020 - online

"Here Is Muranów" temporary exhibition online

Na zdjęciu widać trzy osoby, trzymające instrumenty dęte, n.in. puzon i tubę, wyglądające zza parapetu na balkonie wewnętrznym w Muzeum POLIN
fot. M. Jaźwiecki / Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

"Here Is Muranów" is a journey in time and space, and a dive deep into the city’s entrails. We will discover the fascinating multi-layered history of Muranów and of Warsaw in the course of meetings online. First, we will meet online; later on, we will meet in person, too - at the Museum building, outside the building, as well as in the Internet.

  • Here Is Muranów: the exhibition

    A series of short (ca 20 minutes) video-tours of the exhibition streamed on the POLIN Museum Facebook profile and on the YouTube channel. The new exhibition will be presented by its authors: Prof. Jacek Leociak and Beata Chomątowska as well as Joanna Fikus, head of the POLIN Exhibitions Department.



  • Here Is Muranów: Nalewki Street, the heart of pre-war Northern Quarter

    During the virtual tour along the Old Nalewki Street, we will discover what this most famous pre-war Jewish Street in Europe looked like. We will also listen to the stories about the lives of its former residents.
    The tour, available on the POLIN Museum Facebook profile and on the YouTube channel, , will be guided by Katarzyna Jankowska, one of POLIN Museum tour guides.

  • Here Is Muranów: the murals

    How do we learn about and comprehend the history of sites and buildings that disappeared without a trace? In Muranów, murals serve as our history teachers. During the virtual walk in the footsteps of the wall paintings, we will listen to the stories of female residents of the Northern Quarter, as well as of the Warsaw Ghetto female fighters. We will also find out why the Donkey from "Shrek" speaks Esperanto.
    The tour, guided by Katarzyna Jankowska of POLIN Museum, will be available on the on the POLIN Museum Facebook profile and on on the YouTube channel.

  • Katarzyna Janowska presents

    Program dedicated to the opening of the exhibition streamed on the POLIN Museum Facebook profile and at Onet.Kultura website.


In July, we will revert to live meetings (not only via the Internet!).

We will invite you to walks all over Muranów accompanied by our tour guides, and to the "Leśmian’s Meadow" outdoor installation by the Museum building. We also encourage you to view the artistic installation by Artur Żmijewski and Zofia Waślicka-Żmijewska who present pre-war objects - such as cutlery, glasses, a watch or a baking dish - excavated during POLIN Museum construction in an entirely new light.