Artistic residencies

Sharon Lockhart - 13th artistic residency at the museum

Over the past twenty-five years, American artist Sharon Lockhart has worked with communities to make films and photographs that are both visually compelling and socially engaged.

For her recent project, Lockhart takes influential Polish-Jewish writer and pedagogue Janusz Korczak as a point of departure, invoking his work on Mały Przegląd – a supplement to a Jewish daily newspaper. Published from 1926 to 1939 and complied at 2 Nowolipie St., the current-day District Police Headquarters located near POLIN, this insert consisted of content generated from letters, phone calls and in-person meetings. An innovative and pioneering force in presenting the non-fictional language of Polish youth, Mały Przegląd provided a detailed account of children’s personal experiences, complaints, and observations in their own voices.

In the summers of 2014 and 2015, Lockhart organized a series of workshops for a group of girls living at the Social Therapy Centre for the Youth, Rudzienko with the aims of harnessing the girls’ creative potential, encouraging a sense of play, freedom, and social bonding in relation to the natural world.

In 2014, the girls worked to further develop individual voices and emphasize the specific choices they make in articulating their perspectives on the world. In 2015, the group focused on movement and its psychological derivations, developing coping mechanisms, articulating their fears and desires, and experiencing the world around them through non-visual means.

In collaboration with POLIN Museum, Lockhart will initiate new set of workshops which will focus on the girls’ expression of voice through writing, improvisation, and music.

Lockhart will then use material that emerges from these workshops to create a broadsheet print – a form of tabloid newspaper suited to distilled, precise distribution of information that has often been used for populist, activist, editorial, and graphic publications.

Sharon Lockhart’s residency accompanies the exhibition “Presence/ Absence/ Traces. Contemporary Artists on Jewish Warsaw” (11.03-25.04.2016) which will feature the trailer for Lockhart’s upcoming film Rudzienko.

Open events:

  • March 20, 5 PM, performance by the girls under the care of the at the Social Therapy Centre for the Youth, Rudzienko.
  • March 20, 6 PM, artist talk by Sharon Lockhart. The meeting will be hosted by Szymon Maliborski, the curator of the Museum of Modern Art.

About artist

Sharon Lockhart graduated from San Francisco Art Institute and the Pasadena Art Center College of Design.  Over the past two decades, Lockhart’s filmic and photographic work has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions including those at LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, US (2012); the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, IL (2011); San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, US (2011); Kunstverein in Hamburg, Hamburg, DE (2008), Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, US (2006); and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, US (2001). She has been included in the biennials of Liverpool (2014), Shanghai (2014), Sydney (2006), and at the Whitney (2004, 2000, 1997), as well as in group exhibitions at the Guggenheim, New York (2015) and Bilbao (2003), MoMA PS1 (2013), and Kunsthaus Graz (2009).

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