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POLIN Museum Film Call

A Passover Festival at Coney Island - POLIN Museum Film Call
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We are pleased to inform that we have settled the international competition for short films depicting contemporary living Jewish communities in South America, North America, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Israel, Poland or South Africa.

The winners are:

  • Jacob Dammas
  • Jakub Duszyński
  • Katarzyna Pajzderska
  • Adam and Todd Sekuler
  • Maya Szymanowska
  • Tama Tobias-Macht
  • Samy Rawet Weinzberg
  • Joanna Zero

The winning shorts will be the basis for an epilogue to POLIN Museum’s multimedia core exhibition, which is dedicated to the thousand-year history of Polish Jews.  

Each of the finalists will receive up to 56,000 PLN (about 15,000 USD) to produce one short film based on their winning proposal. The value of each prize depends on the proposal and its preliminary budget. 


International jury (click here to read the bios):

  • Chair: Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Chief Curator, POLIN Museum’s core exhibition
  • Deputy Chair: Joanna Fikus, Head, POLIN Museum’s Exhibitions Department
  • Secretary: Katarzyna Tomczak-Wysocka, Production Curator, POLIN Museum
  • Eric Bednarski, Writer and director
  • Rebecca Guber, Founder and director of Asylum Arts
  • Aviva Weintraub, Director of the New York Jewish Film Festival and Associate Curator, The Jewish Museum, New York
  • Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz, Documentary filmmaker, Lodz Film School
  • Joanna Kos Krauze, Director, screenwriter and producer

There are over 9 million descendants of Polish Jews in the world. What is their connection to the land of their forefathers? In February 2019 POLIN Museum called for proposals for short films that explore this question in creative ways. 

The story is everything

Short films, up to 5 minutes in length, should explore how contemporary Jewish communities living today in Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Israel, Latin America, North America, Poland and South Africa relate to the legacy of Polish Jews through stories of individuals, families, organizations, communities, events, and objects of special meaning that connect these communities to the places where their families once lived.

Entering the POLIN Museum Film Call

The application should include the film concept, including treatment, synopsis, and logline, as well as a preliminary budget. The proposed films may be based on interviews, documentary footage, archival materials, home movies, animation, and video art, among others.

Filmmakers who are members of the communities whose stories they tell are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants must have realized at least one film of any length that was shared with the public on the Internet, in cinemas, at film festivals, on TV or through any other channel that makes it available to wide audiences.

Selection of the winners will be based on artistic quality and how effectively the film captures the connections of a Jewish community in a given region to the legacy of Polish Jews.

Rules of the film competition >>

In case of doubt the Polish version of documents is valid.

The winning shorts will be the basis for an epilogue to POLIN Museum’s multimedia core exhibition, which is dedicated to the thousand-year history of Polish Jews. Since POLIN Museum opened in 2013, more than 3 million visitors from across the globe have passed through its doors. In 2016, POLIN Museum won the European Museum of the Year Award and the European Museum Academy Prize. POLIN Museum is dedicated to transmitting the legacy of Polish Jews and fostering dialogue in the spirit of mutual understanding and respect.

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