Kazimierzanka by Natan Korzeń arrived in Warsaw all the way from Canada

Natan Korzeń (1895-1941) was born in Płock, but he spent most of his life in Warsaw where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, resided and exhibited, among others at: the Jewish Society for Promotion of Fine Arts, the Institute of Art Propaganda (where he exhibited most often) and the private salon of Czesław Garliński (1930, 1936).

With time, Kazimierz on the Vistula River grew more and more dear to his heart. He first got there thanks to Tadeusz Pruszkowski, his teacher and friend. The famed painterly sessions en plein air, which Pruszkowski organized in Kazimierz, attracted both students and young, aspiring artists. Each year, Korzeń spent long months in Kazimierz; he produced many of his most beautiful landscape paintings and portraits there, including Kazimierzanka—the atmospheric yet very expressive portrait of a young girl painted in 1931.

The painting is a donation from Ms Liliana Alexander from Canada.

Natan Korzeń "Kazimierzanka", 1931
oil/canvas, 66 x 96,5
sign. at the bottom right corner: N. Korzeń 31