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Day of Judaism in the Catholic Church

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"Peace! Peace for the far and the near!" – this quotation from the Book of Isaiah (Isaiah 57:19) will be the motto of the 21st Nationwide Day of Judaism in the Catholic Church on 17 January 2018.

17-21 January, free admission

The Day of Judaism was established by the Polish Episcopal Conference in 1997. It aims at developing the Christian-Jewish dialogue as well as prayers and reflection on the connection between the two religions. The events accompanying the celebration will be held on 15-21 January. The Polish Episcopal Committee for the Dialogue with Judaism is the organizer of the 21st Day of Judaism. POLIN Museum is involved in the celebration and invites all to join in for special events.


“Peace! Peace for the far and the near” – symposium

17 January, 11 AM - 1 PM, free admission

During the symposium, we will reflect on the main theme of the Day of Judaism in the Catholic Church in Poland, namely the term “Peace for the distant and near" (Is 57,19). How is peace understood in Judaic and Christian traditions? Is the understanding of peace in Judaism and Christianity very different? 

The moderator of the symposium will be prof. Jan Grosfeld from the Institute of Political Science at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. The symposium will be attended by: Archbishop Grzegorz Ryś – Metropolitan of Łódź, a member of the Main Council of the Polish Episcopate. Rabbi Małgorzata Kordowicz – author of 2 books, the first Polish female rabbi. Sister Anna Bodzińska, from the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Zion, who conducts lectures related to the Christian-Jewish dialogue. Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland, who participates in the Polish-Jewish and Christian-Jewish dialogue.

Christian meetings with Judaism – workshops for teachers of religion and history

18 January, 3:30 PM - 6 PM, 19 January, 11 AM - 1.30 PM, free admission 
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We would like to invite you to a workshop connected with a thematic tour of the core exhibition. During the workshops, participants will learn about the history of Judaism from the earliest times to the present, talk about the roots of Christianity and its relationship with Judaism, and the similarities and differences between the two religions. The workshops will also provide an opportunity for methodical reflection on how to integrate this subject into religion classes at school and how to work with students on these issues.

Fill the Void, directed by Rama Burhstein – film and meeting

21 January, 3 PM, free admission

Life of the Haredim, ultra-orthodox Jews, depicted from the perspective of a director who is herself a member of this community. 18-year-old Shira is to marry her deceased sister's husband. Can a young girl find her vocation in an imposed relationship?

After the screening, a meeting with rabbi Szalom Stambler and Dina Stambler, a Hasidic couple from the Chabad Lubawicz movement.