Jewish Cultural Heritage


What does emerging artist mean?

This particular program is best suited to artists in a certain phase of their careers, which we generally explain as falling within 25-45 years old. We recognize that artists of all ages need support and community, but we have a very specific focus for this program.  We understand that the phrase emerging and an age range is a very inexact way of understanding the variety of artist careers.


Do artists have to be Jewish?

We encourage artists to apply who have a deep connection to Jewish identity and are interested in exploring Jewish and artistic identity within a Polish context. We believe that the question, “Who is a Jewish artist?” is something to discuss, but is not something we can answer.


Who else is coming?

We are hoping to bring together a diverse group of artists from a variety of different countries, backgrounds, and disciplines who are interested in exploring their Jewish and artistic identities within the Polish context. We are particularly interested in bringing together artists from Central and Eastern Europe whose stories are less often highlighted in the global Jewish conversation.


What disciplines are you looking for?

We are open to artists of all disciplines including visual art, theater, performance, video, film, new media, dance, writing, music etc.


How cold will it be?

Okay, yes, it will probably be cold and windy, and we encourage you to bring winter gear. We will do our best to supply a lot of warm beverages.


Will I have time to explore my family history in Poland?

The retreat is a very condensed 4 days, and there will not be time for personal exploration during the time of the retreat.  We encourage everyone to extend their stay to pursue personal and professional interests in Poland.  There is a lot to explore.


Is site-seeing part of this retreat?

We will be visiting different sites in Warsaw, both Jewish and cultural during the retreat, but we will not be providing a comprehensive tour of Jewish Warsaw or Poland.  We encourage you to stay beyond the retreat if you want to do these activities. And we think that after the retreat, you will have a useful perspective for other site-seeing.


Can I bring my partner or child?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate partners and children during the days of the retreat and at our housing location.