New Koret Foundation grant for the production of the MHPJ Core Exhibition

We are pleased to announce a new $3 million grant from the Koret Foundation for the completion of the Core Exhibition of the MHPJ. This is the largest single gift from a private foundation to date. Furthermore, this grant can be doubled:  $1 million dollars of the Koret Foundation grant, together with a new $1 million grant from Taube Philanthropies, will be given as matching funds, to be made on a 1:1 basis. When the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute raises new funds, they will be matched dollar for dollar. Therefore, should our “matching funds” campaign succeed, the Core Exhibition of the MHPJ will be awarded a total of $ 6 million! This sum would be the largest collaborative gift to the MHPJ to date. This is a major opportunity for the Association team to collect the remaining funds and secure, in financial terms, the next stage of the Core Exhibition production.

Each and every dollar raised equals two dollars on the Association account! We believe this will be a sufficient incentive for current and potential Benefactors of the Museum, for the support of whom we would like to express our deep thanks. An opportunity of this kind – to double your gift – comes rarely. If you want to contribute your share and see it doubled immediately, please do not hesitate to contact Marta Wrobel at our Fundraising Department.

Tad Taube, chairman of Taube Philanthropies, and the Koret Foundation, where Mr. Taube serves as board president, have been actively supporting the Museum project since 2004. In all, including the latest gift of $ 2 million and additional 2 mln USD as “matching funds”, the Foundations’ support to the Museum will total $7.3 million. Thanks to thir effective fundraising efforts, the Koret and Taube Foundations have collected $ 5.5 million from California donors, including renowned philanthropists such as: Jack and Helen Tramiel, Warren Hellman, and the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco. We also would like to welcome donors that have recently joined us: Myron Zimmerman, George Marcus, John and Cynthia Gunn, Eric Benhamou, Gregory and Sally Hartman, John Friedenrich, Skip and Linda Law, Duncan Matteson, Franklin "Pitch" Johnson, James Koshland, Jona Goldrich, Franklin Johnson, Roselyne Swig, Stuart and Josie Shiff, Nita and Bob Hirsch, Don Seiler, Harry and Carol Saal Family Foundation.

We are so pleased to have your support!