Nizio Design International

Event Communications conceived exhibition master plan in years 2000-2003. Then Event worked on exhibition detailed design in years 2006-2011.

Polish architectural studio Nizio Design International completed the design, added graphics, prepared working drawings and produced the exhibition in years 2011-2014.



  1. 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT and Bad Design –  authors of the conceptual design of the Forest and Post-89 galleries 
  2. (main) contractors:
    • Imtech – sprinkler system
    • Sprint – CCTV, SAP, SSWiN, KD installations
    • Lumet –  electrical installations
    • Handshouse Studio – the roof of Gwoździec, the bimah of Gwoździec
    • STANKO Witold Łaski – the roof of Gwoździec
    • Meyveart – contractor of the installation of the Forest and Post-89 galleries

  3. Polimex Mostostal (steel structures of the walls and mezzanines, wall of GK, elevators to the mezzanines)
  4. Contractors of the audio-video content
    • Clos Brothers S.A. – design and implementation of audio-visual content of interactive and passive positions
    • FDR Sp. z o.o. – design and implementation of audio-visual content of passive positions
    • Newborn Sp. z o.o. – design and implementation of mapping and projections in the Street area
    • Sonica Studio – sound system

The Association of the Jewish Historical Institute is responsible for the financing and execution of the design and production of the core exhibition. The creation of the exhibition is made ​​possible through the support of donors from around the world.