Virtual reality – discussion in the series Problems with Identity

Kłopoty z tożsamością: Wirtualna rzeczywistość
Kłopoty z tożsamością: Wirtualna rzeczywistość, fot.

How soon will the virtual reality replace the real world, and it will be possible to create human identity anew? What are the chances and risks that the real ‘Matrix’ poses to our identity, how will we be able to cope with machines who think?

  • 6 February, 6 PM, free admission, language: PL

Anna Wacławik-Orpik, journalist, will discuss these and more with Katarzyna Jaklewicz, Director for Digital Development at Agora SA and Edward Bendyk, journalist at Polityka weekly specializing in the problems of civilization and impact of technique on social life.

Organisers: POLIN Museum & Klub Inteligencji Katolickiej