Rotating Gallery: We Are Here

On 11 July, we are launching the project of presenting in sequence the works of nine Jewish artists. Using the intense language of contemporary art  – visual and sound installations, performance, graphic art, arts and crafts  – Jewish artists interpret their tradition and relate it to the present-day.

The rotating gallery will host the following artists: Dominika Laster, Gabi von Seltmann, Alex Roth, Maria Ka, Majk Hercberg, Kamila Czosnyk, Hana Umeda, Julie Weitz and Zofia Janina Borysiewicz.

In 2024, POLIN Museum celebrates its 10th birthday. With the fluid and open character of the gallery in mind, we have decided to launch a rotating, vibrant, polyphonic space for presenting the voices of contemporary artists who identify as Polish Jews. "We are here", the words spoken by Marian Turski on behalf of the Jews living in Poland today, serve to reflect this idea. Not only is this phrase a reminder of the shared history, but it also draws attention to the intercultural "here and now" that Polish Jews also create and experience.

The artworks presented in the Rotating Gallery combine the past with the present – some draw from the archives of Jewish art, others creatively touch upon the "difficult heritage" in museum collections, others still restore for the present the Yiddish language or visual signs of the shared Polish-Jewish history. The present-day has an impact on some works, too – the rise of antisemitism and tensions caused by the dramatic Israel-Hamas war create a new context and provoke questions that are often difficult to answer. Themes of anxiety and confusion, of observed and experienced violence appear, along with questions about the possibility of healing traumas and building inclusive communities.

The Rotating Gallery will operate in two stages. Between 11 July and 25 September, we will present individual works by nine artists in sequence. From 28 September to 4 November, we will exhibit all nine works together, thus creating a space for collective, polyphonic expression.

Rotating Gallery: We Are Here

Artists (in alphabetical order):

  • Zofia Janina Borysiewicz
  • Kamila Czosnyk
  • Majk Hercberg
  • Maria Ka
  • Dominika Laster
  • Alex Roth
  • Gabi von Seltmann
  • Hana Umeda
  • Julie Weitz.


  • Ewa Chomicka
  • Joanna Fikus.


  • Alicja Kaczmarek-Poławska
  • Agata Szynkielewska.

Key visual:

  • Zofia Janina Borysiewicz.

Content cooperation:

  • Aleksandra Janus
  • Magdalena Rubenfeld
  • Tamara Sztyma.

We extend heartfelt thanks to the POLIN Museum team for their cooperation in the implementation of this project.



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Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – project: "Rotating Gallery as part of POLIN Museum’s 10th birthday celebration (developing a network of Jewish artists)."

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