6.08.2020 - online

Online films raising the Jewish themes

fot. Kamera Dawida

This summer, we invite you to the online screening of most interesting films on Jewish themes. Kamera Davida Foundation is the event co-organizer.

  • 6 August (Thursday), 8 p.m., premiere of the film "Scaffolding" (available to 7 August to midnight)
  • 13 August (Thursday), 8 pm, premiere of the film "Crescendo" (available to August 14th to midnight)
  • August 20th (Thursday), 8 pm, premiere of the film "Geula" (available until August 21st until midnight)
  • August 27th (Thursday), 20.00, premiere of the film "Foxtrot" (available until 28:midnight)

Premieres on Facebook Museum POLIN >>

The films are in the original language with Polish subtitles.

We will see " Scaffolding" directed by Matan Yaira - a film about 17-year-old Asher, whose impulsive nature causes trouble at school and outside it. His father sees him as an heir to a family scaffolding company. Meanwhile, Asher establishes a close relationship with literature teacher Rami, thanks to whom he discovers that there is also a world outside his father's business.

The next film will be "Crescendo #makemusicnotwar" directed by Droro Zahavi, a film about the Israeli-Palestinian orchestra. However, both groups of talented musicians led by the emancipated Palestinian woman Layla and the charismatic Jew Ron have a deep distrust. Will the young people, experienced by the assassinations and occupation, forget about their mutual hatred during weeks of rehearsals in the Tyrolean mountains? Or perhaps it is not music but unexpected love that gives more hope for understanding? "Crescendo" is crowned with a tense, moving final. 

During the August review, we will watch "Geula (Redemption)" directed by Yossi Madmoni, a film about an ex-vocalist of a rock band who is a religious Jew and the single father of 6-year-old Geula. When his daughter's doctors diagnose cancer, he has to find a way to pay for expensive therapy. In an attempt to save Geula's life, he jumps on his former band mates and sets off on a final tour with them, during which he brings back the painful past and thus saves himself. 

The review will culminate with the famous "Foxtrot" directed by Samuel Maoz. An unusual and surprising drama of an Israeli family in the face of the death of their son. One day, an ordinary Israeli couple, Michael and Daphna Feldmann, are devastated by the unexpected news. At the doorstep of their house, gendarmes appear and report the death of their son Jonathan while serving at an almost deserted military post. As time goes by, Michael becomes increasingly frustrated by the endless visits of an entire army of relatives and bureaucrats. While his wife is mourning in peace and quiet, Michael falls into a spiral of anger that is becoming more and more absurd - similar to his son's surreal war experiences...

You will be able to watch 4 movies dedicated to Jewish themes in the comfort of your own home,,