Meeting with Frank Stella

Starszy siwy mężczyzna pozuje na tle wielobarwnej instalacji wiszącej na ścianie.
fot. Kristine Larsen

On 19 February, we will have a unique opportunity to meet Frank Stella, one of the leading twentieth-century American artists. Stella’s works are displayed at the world most important contemporary art museums and reach dizzying prices at auctions, going into millions of dollars. Frank Stella has become a living legend. He is still creating art, while his paintings continue to fascinate successive generations of art lovers.

Listen to audio report from the meeting with Frank Stella >>

During the interview, we will ask Mr Stella about New York’s artistic bohemian community of the 1950s and 1960s and the influence of that city on his works, about what and who he has been inspired by and in what way, and about his views on contemporary art. We will also discuss Stella’s astonishing inspiration with Polish-Jewish wooden synagogues, all destroyed by the end of the Second World War.

Also taking part in the meeting, featuring a slideshow of Frank Stella’s works, will be Barbara Mirecki, art critic and curator, for many years associated with the Art Institute of Chicago.

The meeting will be hosted by Max Cegielski, journalist, writer, radio and television host (including for Radio Roxy and TVP Kultura), and cultural animator.


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