18.04.2021 - online

Josima’s beads – a sensory friendly concert

fot. Maciek Jazwiecki

On Sunday morning we will take you into the world of music by a young pianist and composer from the Warsaw ghetto – Josima Feldschuh. Together with the outstanding pianist Emilia Sitarz - winner of the Polityka's Passport, member of the Kwadrofonik and Lutosławski Piano Duo - we will present Josima’s works, her favorite games, but also we will look inside her favorite instrument - the piano. Finally, we’ll invite you to joins us in making Josima's beads.

Josima Feldschuh was an exceptional little girl. When she was 11 years, she composed 17 pieces for piano. She was such a good pianist that the Jewish Symphony Orchestra invited her to a joint concert. Apart from music, Josima liked to play with beads and make her own jewelry, which she then gifted to her loved ones. Josima Feldschuh was Jewish. During World War II, she and her family had to live in the Warsaw ghetto. Josima died of tuberculosis on April 21, 1943 - the third day of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. You can find out more about Josima here >>

Sensory-friendly online concerts is a family-oriented series of music events presented by the POLIN Museum. Everyone who enjoys music is invited! Also those of us, don’t like loud noises or who have difficulties sitting still for more than a while. The concert is tailored to the needs of children with an autism spectrum.

During the concert, young music lovers may need: a thread (or a string), beads (or pasta that can be threaded on a string) and a scarf (or a shawl, behind which you can hide your face).

The POLIN Museum would like to thank:

  • Bret Werb from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, who first told us the story of Josima Feldschuh
  • Yaron Tzur from the Ghetto Fighters' Museum in Lochame ha-Geta'ot for the substantive consultation
  • Sharon Ben-Shem Da Silva and her family – the relatives of Josima, for their trust and support.

The concert "Josima’s beads" was produced by:

  • Emilia Sitarz – piano
  • Elżbieta Grab – host
  • Kajetan Prochyra – host
  • Joanna Dubrawska-Stępniewska – script
  • Patryk Grochowalski - photos and editing
  • Tomasz Wlezień – sound
  • Julia Witkowska - project coordination

Aleksandra Cybulska, Justyna Gil-Maćkiewicz, Wioleta Jóźwiak, Anna Mirska-Czerwińska

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