Guided tours of the Estranged. March ’68 and Its Aftermath temporary exhibition

sześć osiem
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

We invite you to a guided tour of the temporary exhibition Estranged. March ’68 and Its Aftermath in the course of which we will talk about the causes, the course and the aftermath of the March ’68 events.

We will have a look behind the scenes: we will discuss the struggle between factions within the PZPR Party, producing propagandist news, repressions against the rebellious youth. We will focus on the human dimension of history – we will take a closer look at the stigma left by March on specific lives of the people who left Poland back then, as well as those who decided, despite the hate campaign, to stay. The guests will be introduced to the ambience of the era—we will demonstrate how the world changed when the postwar baby-boomers were growing up, what was the daily reality of Gomułka’s little stabilisation and what was the youth back then interested and how they perceived the reality .

Groups can total maximum of 25 people. 

Duration: 1 h.

Price list

  • Guided tour in Polish: 100 PLN.
  • Guided tour in English: 150 PLN (for a group of up to 25 people).
  • Regular ticket: 12 PLN per person.
  • Reduced ticket: 8 PLN per person.
  • Regular ticket for groups: 8 PLN per person.
  • Reduced ticket for groups: 5 PLN per person.

Guided tours are available in Polish or English.


  • You can book no later than 14 days prior to the planned visit to the Museum, subject to the availability of guides.
  • Guided tours can be booked through www.tickets.polin.pl or by email at: [email protected]
  • Information requisite to make a booking:
  1. Date of visit.
  2. Preferred time of visit.
  3. Full name of school + level of instruction.
  4. Number of pupils / people .
  5. Number of guardians (in case of school grouos).
  6. Contact to the person making the booking (first name, surname, tel. no.).
  7. Data for invoice (if one is required).


Payment to be made online via PayU no later than 14 days prior to the planned visit to the Museum.

It is possible to purchase more tickets at the Museum, providing that the total number of people in a group does not exceed 25 people and that no additional guide is required.


Booking can be cancelled or changed no later than 5 days prior to the planned visit to the Museum, with all costs reimbursed. If cancellations are made at a later date, the group must cover the cost of renting a guide.


Unused tickets can be returned at the ticket desk on the day of the visit. The cost will be reimbursed to the bank account used when purchasing the tickets.