"Final Cut" – Jewish Theatre GOLEM in Warsaw

Mężczyzna trzyma dłoń, zasłaniając twarz.
fot. materiały teatru Golem

Shout (...) up, I am trying to connect the cultures here, I’m (...) trying to build some bridges (...). I am sorry ladies and gentlemen… maybe next time!

Can we believe to the news on the net? Is that true that Jews will take over the world? Is it rude to eat with fork in a Chinese restaurant? Is it inappropriate to change the Turkish TV channel in a Turkish restaurant? How all this connects? In 90 minutes of "Final Cut" we will solve and answer, believe and refute all your questions, knowledge, presumptions and observation about the Jews. Or not!

András Vinnai
June 9, 7:00 PM
director: András Borgula
dramaturge: Virág Németh
actors: Gergely Bánki, Zoltán Schmied, Mari Nagy, Zoltán Tamási, Katalin Gergely
Admission is free, reservation required.
Language: Hungarian (with Polish and English translation).
The show is accompanied by the conference "Jewish Cultural Heritage. Projects, methods, inspiration" thanks to the support of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw.




Supported from the Norway and EEA Grants by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
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