About "Shielding the Flame"

Mariusz Szczygieł i Hanna Krall siedzą obok siebie w mieszkaniu.
Mariusz Szczygieł i Hanna Krall

We invite you to a meeting with Hanna Krall. The meeting will be chaired by Mariusz Szczygieł, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising campaign Ambassador in 2021. The book titled "Shielding the Flame" will serve as a point of departure for the conversation. Even if it was indeed "written by pure accident"—as the author stated in her text for the catalogue accompanying "Around Us a Sea of Fire" temporary exhibition—the book remains one of the most important texts written in Poland after World War Two and the atrocities of the Holocaust. The meeting will begin with the Warsaw premiere of the animated film "Shielding the Flame" (running time: about 18 minutes).

  • 19 April (Wednesday), 6 PM, SOLD OUT
  • POLIN Museum auditorium
  • Meeting translated into Polish sign language – in auditorium and online
  • Live online streaming on POLIN Museum Facebook profile

Magdalena Cielecka, actress and Ambassador of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising campaign in 2015, will read excerpts from the book. Hanna Krall, writer, journalist and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising campaign Honorary Ambassador, wrote these words about Marek Edelman especially for POLIN Museum:

"The man who used to lay yellow flowers at the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes, an insurgent and medical doctor, knew how to die and how to live. Let these yellow daffodils be the symbol of life."

Read more about Marek Edelman on Virtual Shtetl website →

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