13, 14, 15.07.2018

68 Strangers. Installation about violence with the use of voice and movement

Wystawa czasowa, Obcy w domu. Wokół Marca '68
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

A performance accompanying the exhibition Estranged: March ’68 and Its Aftermath. 

13 July (Friday), 7 PM, language: PL, tickets: 8 / 12 PLN, BUY TICKET >>
14 July (Saturday), 8.30 PM,
 language: PL, tickets: 8 / 12 PLN, BUY TICKET >>
15 July (Sunday), 8.30 PM,  language: PL, tickets: 8 / 12 PLN, BUY TICKET >>

German sociologists Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno studied the phenomenon of succumbing to authoritarianism in Germany prior to WW2. We will try to compare the results of their research with our own reflections on Poland and the world in the year 2018. The fruit of this confrontation will serve as a basis of a performative reading in the space of temporary exhibition. Direction: Grzegorz Laszuk, Komuna Warszawa.