"1341 Frames of Love and War" – film show

Kadr z filmu "1341 fotosów o miłości i wojnie". Jakaś wysoka kobieta w obcasach idzie po bieżni. Obserwuje ją licznie zgromadzona publiczność na stadionie.
Kadr z filmu "1341 fotosów o miłości i wojnie", fot. WJFF

"1341 Frames of Love and War" provides an intimate portrait of an artist and a meditation on memory, violence and identity. It is a complex love letter to the power, beauty and horror of photographic imagery.

  • Sunday, 20 November at 3.00 PM CET – Warsaw's premiere
  • POLIN Museum's Auditorium
  • Tickets: 15 PLN, BUY A TICKET >>

"1341 Frames of Love and War", Director Ran Tal, 2022, Israel, 90 min, documentary

For a year and a half, Israel’s most celebrated war photographer Micha Bar-Am allowed director Ran Tal to enter his vast archive of over half a million negatives. "The most horrible things are sometimes aesthetic," says Bar-Am. Composed entirely of images that he took over more than fifty years, "1341 Frames of Love and War" reveals the enormous price that comes along with documenting atrocities and wars.

Additional information:

  • Age-group: 16+
  • Language: Hebrew (original)
  • Subtitles: Polish
  • Type: 2D
  • Sound: 5.1