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Children’s Day – in little Mayer’s fun world

Namiot cyrkowy stoi wśród drzew. Wokół zwierzęta - jedne trzymają się za ręce, drugie siedzą na trawie lub obserwują ślimaka, który zmierza w stronę obręczy trzymanej przez zająca.
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

This year, we will celebrate the International Children’s Day in the company of little Mayer Kirshenblatt. Mayer was a curious boy from Opatów. He observed the world around him with much attention—the people, customs, events. Later, as an adult, he recreated his memories in the paintings. Our temporary exhibition is dedicated to Mayer, to his artworks and to the town he hailed from. You will be able to view it with your family thanks to our special audio guides. You will also have an opportunity to play an outdoor game inspired by the works of Mayer, or to paint en plein air. Come and spend this special day with us!

  • 2 June (Sunday), 11AM – 3PM
  • Venue: picnic next to the Museum building, activities inside the building
  • Free admission, no need to make reservation

Planned events – short description:

  • picnic – an outdoor game (creative workshop and little Mayer’s movement games), circus workshop and show,
  • relaxation area,
  • food zone,
  • toddler zone,
  • tour of the temporary exhibition "(post)JEWISH… Shtetl Opatów Through the Eyes of Mayer Kirshenblatt" with audio guides for families (available versions: PL, EN, UKR)
  • painting en plein air – the Museum’s main hall,
  • the event is available in three languages: Polish, Ukrainian, and English,
  • the event is governed by the regulations listed at the bottom of the page.



Outdoor games

  • 2 June (Sunday), 11AM – 3PM (last game starts at 2PM) 
  • Venue: meadow next to the Museum
  • Meeting spot: info point next to the public gym in the park behind the Museum building

Join us for a family picnic to celebrate the International Children's Day! This time, we will transport you to a small town from the memories of ten-year-old Mayer. It’s a special occasion because a circus will be coming to town! A real circus tent will be set up in the middle of our meadow, and there will be juggler performances. We'll travel back in time to discover old games and activities. Various attractions await you: creative workshops in making moving puppets, colourful spinning tops, jumping frogs, and cork boats, as well as physical games such as hoop slalom, marble games, air hockey, and snail races! At the end of the games, surprises will be waiting for you at the info point!

You can join the game any time from 11AM to 2PM and fulfil the tasks at your pace until 3PM. 

Throughout the entire picnic, we will provide a relaxation area with deckchairs and the option to enjoy the payable offer from our food vendors. We invite the youngest children and their guardians to the toddler zone, with animations and sensory activities galore.

Touring the temporary exhibition "(post)JEWISH… Shtetl Opatów Through the Eyes of Mayer Kirshenblatt" with an audio guide for families

  • 2 June (Sunday), 11AM – 6PM (last entry at 5:30PM) 
  • Venue: temporary exhibition at the Museum’s ground floor
  • Vouchers for free tickets can be picked up at the game info point (the voucher entitles you to a ticket for the temporary exhibition and an audio guide at the museum ticket office; vouchers will be valid until August 31). 
  • Available versions: PL, EN, UKR

We invite you to pay a family visit to the new temporary exhibition dedicated to the town of Opatów and the paintings of Mayer Kirshenblatt with our audio guide. Justyna Bednarek, a renowned author of books for children, wrote the text for a special family route. Thanks to her, you will embark on a journey through the old Jewish town told in twelve paintings. Your guide will be little Mayer – a boy in a blue jacket, very curious, mischievous, and funny. Thanks to him, you will learn about elements of Jewish holidays, family customs, and old games. Together, you will immerse yourselves in memories, images, and sounds. At the end of your walk with Mayer, we will invite you to continue the fun. You can assemble a picture from magnetic puzzles and play with a special educational cube. There will also be a creative task – try your hand at being painters! The family audio guide for children aged 4-10 is available in Polish, English, Ukrainian, and the Polish Sign Language.

Painting en plein air

  • 2 June (Sunday), 11AM – 3PM
  • Venue: Museum’s main hall
  • Free admission, no need to make reservation

Inspired by Mayer Kirsheblatt’s paintings, you can pretend to be artists yourselves. In the Museum’s main hall, right next to the huge glazed wall overlooking the circus tent, we will place a number of easels. Take a brush in hand and paint whatever your imagination is telling you!                   
Painter Lilia Stadnik will supervise the young artists.

On the International Children’s Day, we also invite you to the King Matt’s Family Education Area 

  • 2 June (Sunday), 11AM – 6PM
  • Venue: King Matt’s Family Education Area, ground floor
  • Free admission, no need to make reservation

We encourage you to join in creative activities in our colourful King Matt’s space. Throughout the day, you can participate in open workshops led by our educators. 
Please read the event’s rules and regulations.

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Federalne Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych


Miasto stołeczne Warszawa.

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