"What's New, What's Next?" – video recordings

What's new, what's next" - grafika konferencji - na granatowym tle biały napis
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

See video recordings of the international online conference "What’s New, What’s Next? Innovative Methods, New Sources, and Paradigm Shifts in Jewish Studies", hosted by POLIN Museum on 3-7 October 2021.

We looked for answers to these (and many other) questions at the conference: What constitutes Jewish studies today and in which direction should we be heading? Which paradigms are guiding the field today? How are theoretical and methodological developments in the humanities and social sciences shaping Jewish studies? How are scholars working in a broad range of disciplines – history, social sciences, literature, visual and performing arts, and other disciplines – contributing to the field?

Below you can find footage from keynotes, roundtables and sessions held during conference.

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