Trzy dziewczynki opierają się o stół na wystawie stałej w Muzeum POLIN, na którym stoi figurka gęsi, a z góry zwisa sztuczny czosnek.
fot. M. Jaźwiecki / Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Workshops for schools

Touch, experience, ask – discover history with us! We invite children and adolescents to the POLIN Museum, the modern museum presenting 1000 years of history of Polish Jews.

We will learn the beauty of diverse cultures, religions and traditions. Whilst our workshops discuss the past, the children will also explore the challenges of the modern world. We encourage the students to practice unconventional thinking. Through our activities and tasks we let the students experience and explore history independently.  

During the workshops, the children will work in the core exhibition and also at our rooms in the education center. We have prepared interactive activities for children which combine modern tools and methods with learning and fun.

We have a variety of workshops available to cater to different age groups. These workshops present Jewish tradition and culture in a way that suits the relevant age group and teaches the values of diversity.  

Every year we organize about 1300 workshops for almost 30 000 students. Some of our workshops are available in English.

Workshops available in English:

Basic organisational information:

  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Capacity: maximum 30 people in a group
  • Ticket price: 350 PLN per group (guardians participate in workshops free of charge)
  • Booking: [email protected].