Below are the rules of use of the Resource Center during the COVID-19 pandemic

Valid from August 1, 2021

  1. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Resource Center is open on Thursday and Friday from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM.
  2. It is recommended that places be reserved by registering via email to [email protected]. Should you wish to use the book collection, please provide the titles and reference numbers of the books ordered. Library catalogue >>
  3. A maximum of seven people may be present in the Resource Center at any one time – all maintaining a social distance of two metres. Resource Center staff have the right to allocate specific work positions for all users. Every change of work position must be agreed to by Resource Center staff.
  4. Genealogical and historical consultations, with Resource Center staff, are limited to five (5) minutes. Consultations requiring addition engagement may only be conducted via email to [email protected].
  5. Resource Center users are required to disinfect their hands before entering the Resource Center and must wear a protective mask during their entire time in the Resource Center. When working at computer stations, should use their own headphones or headphones as indicated by Resource Center staff. The Museum provides free disinfectant and plastic gloves. Protective masks can be purchased at the Museum’s reception desk.
  6. Resource Center staff disinfect each work station (desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, headphones and monitor) before and after each user’s visit.
  7. Individuals with symptoms such as a runny nose, cough or high temperature must not enter or remain in the Resource Center.
  8. Resource Center users may utilise databases accessible at the computer stations and from the book collection.
  9. Items from the book collection (including reference books) are only provided from a Resource Center staff member.
  10. Upon completion of their work, users must return all books, provided to them, to the place as indicated by Resource Center staff.
  11. After they have been returned by the user, the books are quarantined for 72 hours. During that period, it is not permitted to make them available again.
  12. Resource Center users may use their own devices (laptop, smartphone, headphones, etc.).
  13. The Resource Center does not provide maps, leaflets, brochures, promotional material and business cards. The "Makrofilm" utility is also not available for use.
  14. Resource Center staff on duty are required to maintain a two (2) metre distance from all users and are also required to wear gloves, a face mask/shield and must remain behind a plastic partition.
  15. For matters not covered by these regulations, the Museum’s overall regulations will apply, including the Library Regulations.
  16. Use of the Resource Center indicates the user’s acceptance of the above Regulations.