"Małe POLIN" (Little POLIN) - a guide for children

Author: Aleksandra Karkowska-Rogińska, Anna Staszewska-Zatońska

Number of pages: 36

Publisher: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

"Małe POLIN" (Little POLIN) is a guide to the POLIN Museum core exhibition dedicated to children aged 6-10. While touring the exhibition, your child will view its most interesting exhibits and will get to know basic facts pertaining to the history, tradition and culture of Jews in Poland. And there is more! The guide includes colour crayons necessary to perform the tasks: solving crosswords, word puzzles and quizzes. Those tasks will turn touring the exhibition into a challenge and exciting adventure.

"Małe POLIN" is a unique guide, as it is co-created by the youngest guests at our exhibition who draw, combine and colour pages. At the end of the tour, the children who perform all the assigned tasks will receive a souvenir stamp at the Museum Information Point.

We guarantee lots of fun for our young visitors!