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fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Neighbours – Witnesses. Objects, People, Stories

Museums take their collections and program­mes out to their recipients, thus removing barriers in access to knowledge. Each year, POLIN Museum notes almost 1.5 million sessions on its web por­tals, platforms and virtual exhibitions. The Museum uses interviews with witnesses of history and do­nated objects to create exhibitions, publications and educational materials.

The audience was offered a chance to get to know POLIN Museum’s collection, donated items and the stories of donors through the Biogra­phies of Things temporary exhibition, education­al films, virtual exhibitions, meetings with donors and the album I Bring a Thing, I Bring a Story – all realised within the framework of the Jewish Cul­tural Heritage programme. Activities whose pur­pose was to educate and popularise provided an impulse for expanding the collection – especially through the digital collection of interviews with witnesses of history, donors, and representatives of national and religious minorities in Poland and Norway. In cooperation with the Centre for Stud­ies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Oslo, a collection of oral history interviews with Jews and Poles, pertaining to history and Jewish iden­tity, was created.

The Virtual Shtetl portal features the histories of over 1900 pre-war Jewish communities from Po­land across thousands of pages of historic de­scriptions and AV materials. The Jewish Warsaw multiplatform is a repository of knowledge on the Jewish community of Warsaw – a multimedia guide through the city of the past and of today, including a mobile application, granted the pres­tigious Lovie Award in 2016.

The Polish Righteous – Recalling Forgotten His­tory portal is dedicated to Poles who assisted Jews during the Holocaust. It contains over 800 stories of rescue. It also boasts six virtual exhi­bitions, including the series In Hiding which re­ceived a Sybilla Award in 2015 in the Museum Event of the Year category.

Supported from the Norway and EEA Grants by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

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